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(Excerpt From 12 page full review from all angles, of
Manifesting 101 & Beyond (How To Get What You Want
Without Goofin’ It Up First!)

This book has an excellent hook. The subtitle is
outstanding. The reader was hooked immediately….
This book is more mainstream self-help than new age
This manuscript is structurally solid. The tone is
The content of this book is outstanding! The reviewer,
who is a seasoned ghostwriter for the self-help biggies
in the industry,
enjoyed this book as much as anything
written by Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra. The content is
solid, compelling, easy to read, and easy to apply. This is
really wonderful work…
This is a highly enjoyable book. It is motivating and
informative. It teaches the reader how to apply the
concepts in the book.
This is a really good book, and could be one of the most
popular in the industry…

(Comments From Just Some Of The Thousands That
I’ve Received On Various Material, And Thanks To All,
Who Took The Time To Send Me A Warm Generous

As always, my thanks and gratitude to you, for being you,
and letting flow what you flow. I would not be where I
am in my life without it, and you. SC

And in all this blustery excited buzzing in my cells and
heart I just had to stop and write and thankyou for all you
have shared with me directly and indirectly and for how
much it has changed my life. MA

I wanted to let you know the blueprint work was a huge
leap forward for me. What a trigger in a totally positive
way… NK

I’m half way through The Millionaire Maverick. It is a
fascinating and awesome read. TA

I loved Millionaire Maverick….you did what all the greats
do….broke some writing rules and told a very inspiring
story in the process!! JJ

The Millionaire Maverick
Susan James, a metaphysical novelist from Virginia writes
this James Bond type of story that is appealing to both
men and women. Teaches the principles of QE while
taking the reader around the world in a mysterious action
packed plot. Great inspiration when you’ve got big jobs to
do. Susan also writes non fictional books available on
SusanJames.org. RT

I am writing to request a copy of The Magic Wall and the
writing exercise The Sword of Three’s.

I am filled with joy. Thank you for your gift. JD

You were speaking to me today when I read this message
in my inbox. I had a snot cloud thrust upon me today, and
it took your message to make me see it for what it really is
and change my attitude. The cloud lifted after reading
Snot Manifesting, and I had to laugh. TS

Your metaphors, while rather radical, really drive home a
point. This is not the first time one of your newsletters had
such a positive impact on me like this, and I’m sure it
won’t be the last. RO

I truly like your style. Keep doing what you’re doing. MT

In May of a recent year I went to a website that said
“Refer a Friend and if you are selected, win $50,000.00, I
thought, “I’m not going to win!” Then I thought, “Well, if
you DON”T Enter, you surely won’t!” So I entered!

I think it was November through February that I had been
receiving two newletters from you, one was “Fruition”
and I don’t remember the other one, I had been printing
them out and it was so uplifting to receive them! I
decided to start writing, since I was so inspired by your

To make a long story short, I won THAT $50.000.00!!!

But later when I went back through my folder where I
kept printouts of the newsletters that I had received from
you, I found a letter that I had written to God! In it I had
written” “Lord, I thank you for all that I have and I am so
very grateful for my family and all that you have blessed
me with. Lord, I want to be a blessing to my family.”

And I was!
Thank you Susan!

Hello Susan ,I read your book Manifesting 101 and I ‘d
like to thank you for writing it!! so many things have
came to and my family. god bless and keep up the love
and good work. SD

Wow, how much knowledge have you turned into
wisdom. you are a gift my lovely, a beautiful treasure that
illuminates all life. BJ

Hi Susan,
I would greatly appreciate a new copy of all three of the
games. I would like to refresh my memory on them, they
are great! Thank you for all of your information it is very
Thank you, RC

I treasure each message I receive from you.
It is the first email I read and the only material that I
KEEP consistently. It goes into my “allowing joy” folder
– AFTER I read and savor it. JS

Yes I do want to receive each of the following works that
you have published.

The Magic Wall
The Sword of Three’s
The Sword in The Stone Statement


I just had to tell you how I realized today just how much
your teachings have changed my life…. I am on top of
the world! I just appreciate you soooo much.
Thank you. BS

Dear Susan –
Thank you SO much for helping me turn around my
financial situation this spring. The work and money are
really flowing. I’ve gotten several new clients and
projects, and I’ve been led to additional tools that are
helping me manage my money well, just as I had asked
for….Your personal help on this has been really, really
helpful. LJ

Subject: I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Susan,

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I
WON the court case!!! I just found out two days ago. I
am so HAPPY!!! The XX and XY law won the case, just
like I had hoped.

It could not have turned out better Susan, I am absolutely
thrilled. Thank You Susan, what you have taught me, is
something I will do for the rest of my life. It is truly fun.
God Bless You!

I eventually plan to do all of your material as I do know
you are right on target…but first things first…I am
presently on the second of your six books I
purchased…after I tackle those, I will move onto your
courses…maybe you will suggest an order to follow in
which courses to take first, second, ect….as you know best
how to progress. I have had so many manifesting
miracles myself since maybe beginning.. that I know this
stuff is real.

Thank you Susan for being there for all of us…We need to
elect you into the “Hero” hall of fame. Really. You are
right up there. Let me know about your courses, how
many of them there are, what they cost each and what
order you suggest I proceed in (after of course I get
through your books.) CC


I just have to write to you this morning to tell you how
grateful I am for you and your work. Someone told me to
try out your yahoogroup as I have been working to lose
weight since having my second son. I am totally into
manifestation so 17 secs has been totally vibing with
me. I have been in a place where I have been manifesting
what i don’t want for quite some time now so I have been
kind on and off with reading through each newsletter for
this group. I ususally read one per day then write. What
I notice is that when I don’t write, I begin to notice that I
slip back into my old way of thinking that leads to the
body image that I DON’T desire.

So this morning I made sure to read my newsletter and
pick up my pen to write. I feel so inspired by your words
and am 10 lbs lighter as a result. I just want to let you
know that you are providing hope for those of us who are
hopeless are pretty close to being hopeless. I have never
had a problem losing weight until after having my second
son. It has everything to do with lack of self-nurturance
and hating myself because of my weight. I have not been
able to understand what was going on until I found you.
THANK YOU! Your life, your work is meaningful to so
many of us.

May you continue to manifest all the desires of your
wildest dreams.

Peace and Love

PS- I also purchased the book and am LOVING IT!

Good Morning!
I just have to tell you how much I sincerely appreciated
this story. I truly loved it. I always look for and want new
ways to enhance and expand my children’s minds. This
story fits in perfectly with my 11yo animal lover. Thank
you for helping to bring out the sweetness in my son.

This happened because I manifested $10,312.75. I
actually wanted $10,000.00, so I got a little more. But the
circumstances that I got the money for was EXACTLY
what I “said” but not exactly what I wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I explained to my wife, what I wanted and what I got,
it occurred to me to analyze all my journal entries and get
more clarity.

This was such a breakthrough for me I thought that since
you inspired it with your “experience” e-mail you would
like to hear some feedback. YC

Hi Susan,
I Just finished reading Manifesting for Millionaires and
love it. I am just beginning my path of manifesting what I
want out of life and your book is the only one that really
spelled it out for me. The Equation is very helpful,
although I still have some trouble with parts of it. I have
been paying attention to the things coming up in my life.

Dear Susan..of course I would like the starter kit
mentioned in your newsletter. Thank you for all of your
hard work..it is a pleasure to soak all of this up and apply
it immediatedly….oh yes….IMMEDIATEDLY!! I was
mentioning that I wanted a 0% card to switch a debt,
and a few extra dollars for dentist and car repair and it
came the next day..is this wild? I know…you hear this all
the time… I’m “cleanin’ up here, Susan….best Aloha, GS

I am an avid reader of your stuff; it really works for me
(as I’ve mentioned b4!!), I just wanted to let you know
about something really great that’s started happening!
I Love your ‘breadcrumb’ theory. Ask for
something…follow the breadcrumbs! (I tell everyone
about that!) Last week I asked the universe to give me a
way to make money from my art…. On Friday she emailed
me back asking for examples of my work, prices etc…. I
was soooo happy! Anyway, thanks for making all this so
easy (well, perhaps obvious would be a better word!). TM
I Have a few words to say about Susan James, her books
of many colors and the valued words she offers.

First I want to say I have been reading books for years and
searching for new ways to find how to move myself from
where I was. My book room has everything from Alice
Bailey to Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, even Louise
Hayes. All very good books by great authors.

My opinion is Susan James has a way with words that
make their way into your heart with clarity and great

She makes it easier to use in my life, in ways that I know
are working. It feels easy.

All of her material is in a form that can be used in our
every day lives in ways that will make changes for us as
we desire them.

Susan James is up there with the best of them. She have
given me a bath in the light, and I am forever changed.


Some of The Books by Susan James

(TradePaperBack And Ebooks )

ISBN 0595144144 Manifesting 101 & Beyond:
(How To Get What You Want Without Goofing It Up

ISBN 1591133769 Manifesting 102 & Beyond:
(The Design Continues)

ISBN 1591131812 Manifesting Methods For Would
Be Millionaires

ISBN 0974652636 Manifest Warp Speed

ISBN 1591133068 The Millionaire Maverick (Novel)

ISBN 1929072791 17 Seconds to Weight Loss/The Guide

See ALL of Susan James Books, including her newest,
The Done Deal, in Paperback/Kindle/Nook/PDF Formats!
Susan James Bookstore (Epub/Paperback/Pdf)

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